Tonight it's Christmas! As far as I remembered while I was listening Relax - done by Mika -, my mind went out(...) To my family, to my friends, I was thinking a couple hours ago! At 06:00 PM, I went to the church - not away from where I live -. I dedicated a prayer to my famlily and my friends. I called my family (Reunion Island) in Indian Ocean. I was very glad to listen my mother and my sister on phone. Dad was a little tired. Happy I was to call with him :) even if I was not with them.

Last night and tonight, I called my friends for Christmas. I was happy to have one of my friends - on phone -. I was a little stressed about what happened to her. For each Chritsmas, knowing that person I know thinks about you is all I need.

For the 4 pasted years, several chapters of my life were done

  • 2007: Dragon down
  • Feb 2008/ July 2009: Dragon Reborn
  • September 2009/ June 2011: Dragon Reloaded
  • July 2011/December 2011: Dragon came back...
2012 will be the call of the dragon. Dark side is like the black background that you can see in the image on the left on this article. Foreground: you see the beauty of Jana Defi. Background: it's up to you. I love this image. I put in on my mug at job. It's my angel whereas I am a dragon.

2011 was a very surprising year. Well it was a very good year. Hope for 2012