Listed below are the instructions to apply those patches. I tested thoses patches for revision 26706 and it worked too.
  • Download the Xen unstable sources
    hg clone -r $rev xen-unstable.hg-rev-${rev}
    cd xen-unstable.hg-rev-${rev}
  • configure
    CURL=$(which curl-config) XML=$(which xml2-config) ./configure
  • Make an initial build for tools
    cd tools
    make -j4
  • Clean up tools folder
    make clean
  • Return to the Xen folder
    cd ..
  • Download the patches
    wget -q
  • Uncompress the tarball
    tar xvjf xen-4.3_rev26458_gfx-passthrough-patchs_ATI_HD7970.tar.bz2
  • Apply the patches
    for file in $(ls ../xen-4.3_rev26458_gfx-passthrough-patchs_ATI_HD7970/*);do patch -p1 < $file;done
  • Build everything
    make -j4 xen && make -j4 tools && make -j4 stubdom
  • Install everything
    make install-xen && make install-tools PYTHON_PREFIX_ARG= && make install-stubdom