I shared a youtube video about Warframe a couple months ago. For this old video, WarFrame was installed from the installer provided on http://www.warframe.com. Today I decided to publish a new video for Steam -- WarFrame is available on Steam too --.

Build/Patch/Install Wine 1.7.1

  1. Donwload wine 1.7.1 sources. Uncompress sources
    tar cvjf wine-1.7.1.tar.bz2
    cd wine-1.7.1
  2. Patch it with http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6901628/disable-dynamic-vertex-buffers.patch
    wget -q "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6901628/disable-dynamic-vertex-buffers.patch" -O - | patch -p1
  3. Install
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/wine/apps/WarFrame_Steam && make -j4 && make install


  1. Update temporary your PATH environment to point to the new wine directory
    export PATH=/opt/wine/apps/WarFrame_Steam/bin/:$PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/wine/apps/WarFrame_Steam/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
    export WINEPREFIX="/opt/wine/datas/WarFrame_Steam"
  2. Check that you have the latest winetricks script. Else download it
    wget http://winetricks.org/winetricks
    chmod +x winetricks
  3. Steam and DirectX components have to be installed
    ./winetricks --no-isolate d3dx9 xact_jun2010 steam
  4. You have to do this before installing the game. Else while the launcher is trying to install DirectX components then it may fail!

Steam and fixed issues

  1. Subscribe to warframe (http://www.warframe.com). Credentials are required so you can log in
  2. Launch Steam. Log in using your Steam account. Download WarFrame
  3. Fixed issue:Once the game had been downloaded, the launcher may hang. To fix it either refer to the beginning of the Youtube Video to bypass it or just run the following commands
    cd drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/
    cd SteamApps/common/Warframe/Tools/
    mv Launcher.exe.tmp Launcher.exe
  4. Fixed issue: Framelate could be very slow. To fix it you have to set up twice your video settings (refer to the beginning of the video)