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dimanche 8 septembre 2013

How to get a real BIOS for Quadro 6000?

Update Asus GTX 480 BIOS to Quadro FX 6000 BIOS

  • Download the BIOS file
    wget http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/73110/Asus.GTX480.1536.100406.rom
  • Using Wine - Install Nibitor 6.0.6
  • Launch Nibitor
    cd NiBiTor.v6.06/
    wine NiBiTor.exe
  • Open your file
  • Set 'Device' to 'Nvidia PCI-E Quadro FX 6000'
  • You should now have this
  • Go to tab 'Adv Info'. Click on the button 'Rescan BIOS'
  • Now 'Integrity light' should be yellow instead of green
  • Save your BIOS file into a new file
  • I used a new name for the new file
  • 'File save'. So it is OK
  • Close Nibitor
  • Reopen Nibitor. Repon your new BIOS file
  • Integrity light should be green now. Clicking on 'OEM Signon' you can update its content. -- but updating its content is optional --. Just click on 'Apply' button once finished