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dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Dark Souls II - Wine 1.7.31 - Gallium Nine - 60 FPS!

This is a quick test for Wine 1.7.31 and Gallium Nine on Dark Souls II. ATI H D 6870 is used as graphic card. I got 60 FPS. That's pretty nice!
Youtube link: http://youtu.be/R2-aXOAoT58

mardi 18 novembre 2014

xbox360emu 3.0

I will have a try tonight when getting back home :)

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Saints Row The Third - Wine 1.7.31 / Mesa Gallium 3D / ATI HD 6870

Finaly I had a try for this game using Oibaf's PPAS. I used my old graphic card -- ATI HD 6870. FPS are pretty low 15-30FPS. But this game is still playable and enjoyable. With NVIDIA due to "Negative LOD Bias" not being implemented in Wine ( I think) my main character is black (black skin). With Mesa Gallium driver my character is shown.

Youtube link: http://youtu.be/vHiRbsbgHGY

I tried to play this game using "Gallium Nine" (https://wiki.ixit.cz/d3d9). Unfortunately this solution doesn't work for this game :(. Without Wine + Gallium Nine and using only Wine and Gallium driver this game is really interesting. I used the version provided by Prophet (= No-Steam). Steam version didn't work!

vendredi 7 novembre 2014

Wine 1.7.24 d3dadapter patch

Available at https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Thermionix/329dddf2bf84d86e6383/raw/f621664a7a3a459f294d88144f3d6061428c658d/wine-1.7.24-d3dadapter.patch

I will have a try this weekend.