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vendredi 27 mars 2015

Alsamixer - Backup your setting

Using this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/50067/howto-save-alsamixer-settings here are the commands
  • To store
    alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state store
  • To reload
    alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state restore
Below are screenshots I used now for alsamixer (so I can remember)


I will be on vacation in April, 2015: Sunday 03/9/2015 - Thursday 04/30/2015.

Back to Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)...with limited access to my mails and my youtube channel.

dimanche 15 mars 2015

Wine/Mesa Gallium3D/ GalliumNine: Games tested this week (03/09/2015 - 03/15/2015)

A couple of games were tested this week.

Guild Wars 2: Wine 1.7.38/ GalliumNine / Patches for this games

Wine - Sources to download

My wine sources can be downloaded at : https://www.mediafire.com/?r7drj8c8te4m8rd. In these sources I applied a couple of patches I found on the Web to fix issues for mouse while rotating around character etc...

Tips to know - if [W], [A], [S] [D] are locked while pressing, Virtual desktop and Installer crashes

  • Installer crashes while installing/updating/Virtual Desktop

    It is higly recommended to use a virtual desktop while using the installer/launcher. While installing/updating if the game crashes then just stop the installer and relaunch it! That should do it!

  • Directional pad ([W],[S],[A],[D] locked)

    Just rotate around your character using your mouse and click somewhere using the right click mouse. After that you should be able to use [W],[S],[A],[D]

  • Launcher hangs on "Initializing" for a while

    This issue was noticed on 03/17/2015. The workaround is to use the following line

     wine Gw2.exe -dx9single -autologin -nopatchui -email YOUREMAILHERE -password YOURPASSWORDHERE
    Source: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/SweetFX-and-Initializing-SOLVED/ A couple of users use SweetFX which is based on a modified d3d9.dll. Gallium Nine "uses" a particular d3d9.dll (I try to keep it simple here whereas it is more complicated). There was an update done on 03/17/2015. So SweetFX and Gallium Nine have the same issue. Command line above will fix it

Graphical tests

I did a couple of tests to find which graphical options were OK for GalliumNine
  • Default settings: graphical minor glitch

    Lettings graphical options to their default values, I got decent FPS but a minor graphical glitch as showned in video below.

    Guild Wars 2(Gallium Nine): Default Settings and FPS - Minor glitch
  • Higher settings: no more graphical glitch

    Finaly I found options I need so I can fix this issue -- as showned in video below --.

    Guild Wars 2(Gallium Nine): Higher Settings and FPS

Contagion(Steam): Wine-Staging 1.7.38 / Mesa Gallium3D/ CSMT / Patches for this game

For a couple of maps this game requires more than 3GB of virtual memory. So I patched my wine sources using the well-know patch to have 3GB of virtual memory. Only Mesa Gallium3D + CSMT can be used for this game. I got a issue with GalliumNine.

Wine - Sources to download

My wine sources can be downloaded at : https://www.mediafire.com/?w36g120ashrfht5

Tips to know

winetricks -q --force vcrun2005sp1 vcrun2010 vcrun2012 xact_jun2010

Youtube Video

Here is a video for this game

Contagion (Mesa Gallium3D + CSMT)

jeudi 12 mars 2015

Afterfall Reconquest - Episode 1 / Gallium Nine / Wine-Staging 1.7.38 / ATI HD 7970

Youtube Video

Afterfall Reconquest Episode 1 / Gallium Nine / ATI HD 7970

Installation: Steam tries to install Dotnet 3.5 SP1 whereas DotNet 4.0 is required (fixed!)

  • Issue:The real issue is that Steam will try to install DotNet 3.5 SP1 each time you want to start this game whereas Dotnet 4.0 is required and even if you installed Dotnet 3.5 SP1 before
  • Fix:There is a fix for this issue using a fake install.
Follow this guide and it should be OK
  • Set up a new WINEPREFIX using winecfg
  • Install steam (POL or winetricks). For winetricks use command below
    winetricks --no-isolate steam
  • Install DotNet 4.0 and xact_jun2010 using winetricks
    winetricks -q dotnet40 xact_jun2010
  • Launch Steam using your own credentials. Buy the game and let Steam install the game. BUT DON' START THE GAME!!!
  • Now we will make Steam believe that all depencies are installed (DirectX, DotNet 3.5 SP1 and vcrun2008)
    1. Copy/Paste the following content in a file called foo.reg
      "x86 SP1"=dword:00000001
      "3.5 SP1"=dword:00000001
    2. Save the file foo.reg and use regedit
      regedit foo.reg
  • Now you should be goo to enjoy this game :)