tex Print texture info
texmip Print texture info (mipmapped only)
compute Print compute info
vm Print virtual addresses when creating resources
trace_cs Trace cs and write rlockup_.c file with faulty cs
fs Print fetch shaders
vs Print vertex shaders
gs Print geometry shaders
ps Print pixel shaders
cs Print compute shaders
nodma Disable asynchronous DMA
nohyperz Disable Hyper-Z
noinvalrange Disable handling of INVALIDATE_RANGE map flags
no2d Disable 2D tiling
notiling Disable tiling
switch_on_eop Program WD/IA to switch on end-of-packet.
forcedma Use asynchronous DMA for all operations when possible.
llvm Enable the LLVM shader compiler
nocpdma Disable CP DMA
nosb Disable sb backend for graphics shaders
sbcl Enable sb backend for compute shaders
sbdry Don't use optimized bytecode (just print the dumps)
sbstat Print optimization statistics for shaders
sbdump Print IR dumps after some optimization passes
sbnofallback Abort on errors instead of fallback
sbdisasm Use sb disassembler for shader dumps
sbsafemath Disable unsafe math optimizations