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samedi 16 mai 2015

Dark Souls II - Gallium Nine - Wine-Staging 1.7.42 - ATI HD 7970

jeudi 14 mai 2015

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition / Wine-Staging 1.7.42 / Gallium Nine and CSMT

  • This game works fine on my Ubuntu 14.10 32 Bit
  • .Sometimes game crashed while exiting.


Before launching this game/installing Steam install packages listed below
winetricks -q dotnet40 d3dcompiler_43 vcrun2008sp1 devenum dxdiagn vista
vista listed below will set your wine installation as a "Vista" environment instead of a "Windows XP" environment. This is mandatory or else a popup will open saying that this game can not be run on "Windows XP"

My Wine-Sources

Sources can be downloaded at https://www.mediafire.com/?k3w2pxvv30xvgp6

Xbox 360 gamepad - x360ce

If you own a xbox360 gamepad and the latest version of x360ce does not work then y After that
  • install .NET 40:
    winetricks -q dotnet40
  • Set dinput8 as native through winecfg.


  • Gallium Nine:

    Got decent FPS. There might be a glitchfor health bar sometimes. Healt bar might not be drawn properly
  • CSMT: short video (without setting WINEDEBUG=-all)

  • CSMT: long video (setting WINEDEBUG=-all)

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Around - Wine 1.7.42 - ATI HD 7970 - Mesa 10.6 Devel

Below are two videos for this game. My xbox 360 gamepad works great

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round - ATI HD 7970 - Wine-Staging 1.7.42

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round - ATI HD 7970 - Wine 1.7.42

jeudi 7 mai 2015

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