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vendredi 25 novembre 2016

Mesa3D | iXit Git Repo for Gallium Nine ( CSMT branch)

Update #1 - December-07-2016: This branch was deleted on Wednesday December 7th, 2016. Thoses patches are supposed to be pushed on official Mesa 3D Repo soon

Use the following command to clone the current Git Repo (CSMT branch) maintained by iXit Team for their tests
git clone -b csmt https://github.com/iXit/Mesa-3D.git Mesa-3D_iXit_CSMT_$(date -I)
Mesa-3D_iXit_CSMT_$(date -I) is just a folder. You can replace its name by whatever you want.

As of November 25th, 2016 there are 97 patches for Gallium Nine/CMST in the current branch CMST :)

jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Stupid mother fucking Noob from Arch community.

Today I had a look on Steam Discussions pages for Hounds The Last Hope. I got angry when I read the reply from this gamer on this thread. Here is his reply

Maybe 10 months ago those instructions worked.... now they don't or maybe it does for your distro. If someone one is on Arch.. I bet your instructions would be garbage ... like they were for me because nobody is going to that game to work without appplying wine overrides if using Arch on an updated system. So the instructions are only half what is needed. I'll post the new instructions for how I finally got the came to start for anyone wanting to install on Arch or another distro if their interested

I tried to remain relax when I read this. I replied trying to keep relax. Believe me I hate to receive replies like this one. From my own perspective, this is typicaly the kind of Stupid Arch user. So you know Arch, don't you? Yeah this is a real interesting Linux Distro. Unfortunately as any Linux Distro, there are stupid users like this mother fucking one, like in any Linux community.

Let me explain. For a few users in this community, they believe that their Linux Distro is the Best of the bests. You know what? Go fuck yourself!

Arch is a Linux Distro like any one. I maintain a Youtube channel. How many times I received private messages or comments from gamers like this one on my own videos saying that there are better than me and so. on?

90% of those gamers come from Arch and are real noobs. When I asked them "Will you use Play On Linux"?, I am never surprised to know that they always say YES. So they are noobs and only noobs. If you are a real Wine-Hacker then you don't use PlayOnLinux. You use winetricks. Youtubers today show how they install games on Linux through wine using POL so their community can do it. That really sucks! How do you want to know how linux really works if you use a tool like this one.

Today I am retired from porting games on Linux because I received too much haters and bad comments on my own youtube channel. And I don't really mind to be honest on this point! I am not a Wine contributor anymore.

FYI stupid noob I maintain my own Linux version based on recent stuff (Kernel, Xorg, Mesa-3D and so on...) and I don't think my own instructions are garbage. I think that your own experience on Arch is a real garbage!

Oh wait a minute! You don't believe me! Please have a look on of on my recent videos as shown below

Please take a look of the 10 first second! My software stuff and my harware specs are shown. Unless you are not able to read it is simple written that my Linux version is more recent that what you think. FYI have a look on the bottom left and corner of the video while I am playing. This is Wine-Staging 1.9.22. And I am using Gallium Nine. So my intructions to play HTLH are correct.

Why I am laughing about this message? Please re-read those words

because nobody is going to that game to work without appplying wine overrides if using Arch

Gotcha! This is a non-sense! A real non-sense! You wrote those words. They are yours, meaning that you are a real stupid n00b to port games on Linux. Any Wine-Expert will laungh as I am doing righ now while reading your message.

Are you aware of your own words? This is a real shame!!!! Well I hope that all Noobs from Arch community are not like this one! If this is the case then this is a real shame for Arch community though.

Real linux subscribers I have are now friends of mine on Steam. They know my own experience with Wine. They know that I am ready to help when required. But as I told them I am retired from porting games on Linux now. But they can ask for any help whenever they want. Because they are friends of mine I am not sharing this private list here.

As I wrote, I am retired of porting Windows games on Linux. There is a new generation of Youtubers to do that now. A new Youtubers generation with their POL, their recommendations. I am laughing too here :P . Sorry!

I have fun on playing Hound The Last Hope on Linux now. I like playing this game. No time to waste with Arch user like this one! N00b :P. I will not let a N00b like you telling me how to port my favorite game on Linux! I will not let you to come here on Steam Discussion to tell me how to port this game! As I am used to say "Go fuck yourself bastard!"