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vendredi 10 novembre 2017

[ReactOS] SwiftShader 3.2 (no watermark) for ReactOS

After spending 2 weeks on this port, I was able to generate a d3d9.dll from SwiftShader code

Notice: Keep in mind that this port is far from perfect and may fail for some games.

Video - Test for the game 'Parasite in City'

Below is a video of this port for the game 'Parasite in City 1.03'. For this game I had to fix a memory issue (refer to links above)

'Parasite in City 1.03' running on ReactOS using SwiftShader 3.2

Links: Download SwiftShader 3.2 and Documentation

[ReactOS] Qemu 2.10.1 + VGA Passthrough for a Quadro FX 4800

I was supposed to write this article for a while, but I was so busy to work on SwiftShader port for ReactOS for the 2 past weeks. Well...here it is!

Silent Installation

On the video below, ReactOS is installed using a silent installation. Audrio drivers and other stuff were added to the ReactOS ISO. This is an unattended/silent installation. Good point is that I have nothing to do -- except to install NVIDIA driver manually.

ReactOS: Silent Installation
I wrote a documentation for this installation

3D Rendering: RenderMonkey + SwiftShader

Sadly native 3D hardware acceleration is not available when native driver for NVIDIA is installed. This feature is missing . All we can do is to use a solution called SwiftShader to emulate this software. Since this feature is emulated then 3D rendering is slower.

Testing 3D Rendering with SwiftSHader 2.0 (no watermark) using RenderMondey Software