Steam Page Current version of the game 1.6.3

UPDATE 08-Jan-2018 09:25AM CET: Finally I got the Good Ending of the game -- after so may tries --

I did my first walkthrough with Sheyna .

Sheyna, The Warrior Princess - Character I used to play ARENA AoB Story

Unfortunately I was not able to save Xodan .

Based on Guide recommendations on Steam you have to kill Kahn-Dread -- first time you meet him --.

This fight is pretty hard because he has a particular feature: health regeneration when he hits you. If you failed then his healt regeneration is removed for the second fight

In order to get the good ending you have to beat him for the first fight. There won't be a second one fight if you beat him the first time. This way you can save Xodan.

Info Specs

  • Linux Type: 32 Bits
  • Wine-Staging 2.21 patched with Gallium-Nine (Recommended). My own sources for Wine 2.21 -- already patched -- can be downloaded here
  • GPU = R9 290X
  • Xbox360 controller is highly recommended.
Notice: More info can be found on the video above -- top right and corner --