Steam Page Current version of the game 1.6.3

After spending 15 hours in-game I was able to perform the Story mode with Sheyna with Good ending . It was worth doing so many tries

Sheyna, The Warrior Princess - Character I used to play ARENA AoB Story
  • This time I was able to defeat Kahn-Dread first time I met him in my journey. Then Xodan coudl be rescued later
  • The big green snake gave me a lot of troubles. I watched the Video from the Steam Guide but it seems that strategy to defeat him is now different.

ARENA AoB Story: Story Mode with Sheyna with Good Ending

Info Specs

  • Linux Type: 32 Bits
  • Wine-Staging 2.21 patched with Gallium-Nine (Recommended). My own sources for Wine 2.21 -- already patched -- can be downloaded here
  • GPU = R9 290X
  • Xbox360 controller is highly recommended.
Notice: More info can be found on the video above -- top right and corner --