1. Unboxing - My own feedbacks

I was a bit disappointed by GamePrint services but time to say That bad feeling belongs the past and I should go ahead...!

I received my 3D figure on Friday 09-Feb-2018. I had to say that their artists did a great job. Order was submitted on 11-Jan-2018. Almost 3 weeks ~ 4 weeks to wait for it.

Video below deals with unboxing for my Sheyna 3D.

Figure is pretty cool. I really like it. Great jobs artists from GamePrint!

2. Some animations

BTW this ticket is the occasion to share some animations I did last year with this model
  • Daz Studio: to generate animation frame per frame
  • Ffmeg on Linux: to merge all frames

3. Wallpapers

All wallpapers can be downloaded at http://rboxeur.deviantart.com/