Download: mpv-0.29.0.r35.g9c18407_win32_20180927-225000.7z

Size for 7z file Compressed = 25MB, Uncompressed = 26MB
Static build for mpv.exeYes
Extra/Additional files Angle librairies (libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll )
DocumentationYes (HTML + PDF formats)
Toolchain to cross-compil MPV


  • Refreshed package: shaderc-git, FFmpeg-git 4.1 dev
  • Enhanced package: LCSM2-git, added support for libtiff

Automatic Toolchain targetting both 32 and 64 Bits: Everything from scratch and quickly using cmake!!!

I strongly recommend this link

On my side I generate MPV builds only for fun because I wanted to learn from cross-compiling first . MPV is not the only tool/software that I wanted to try. My main idea is to build MPV but to reuse my toolchains for other projects too.