That should work on Ubuntu/Xubuntu 20.04. Current content is based on this ticket I wrote a couple weeks ago

Builds to download

There are provided as-it-is. It's up to you to have all dependancies on your own system to make it to work. Based on
  • Wine-TKG to customize Wine sources excluding support for NVIDIA, I am using AMD Radone RX 470. With patches from Proton
  • Kron4ek's scripts to build Wine with minor modifications

Some notes

  • ESYNC and FSYNC are supported using
    export WINEESYNC=1
    # OR
    export WINEFSYNC=1
  • Defaut installation
    sudo tar xvJf wine-5.21-staging-tkg-customized-amd64.tar.xz -C /
  • That should be installed/decompressed in /opt/wine-5.21-staging-tkg-customized-amd64. That should avoid to interfere with your own system.-- if you already have wine installed on your own system --.