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samedi 13 octobre 2018

Gcc 7.2.0 x86 options

Refer to

lundi 8 octobre 2018

[MinGW32 Linux Distro] The current documentation (WIP) I am working on for Toolchain and MPV for Windows 32-Bits (Cross-Compilation)

I am currently working on this documentation http://www.davidgis.fr/documentation/mpv-i686-cross-compiling-MinGW32-Doc-WIP/. This is a work-in-progress = as of 2018-10-08, its content may change in the next days

This weekend was the occassion to make the switch. Toolchain is being upgraded

  • GCC is upgraded from 7.2.0 to 8.2.0:
  • MinGW-w64 is upgraded from 5.0.4 to 6.0.0: Patches required for 5.0.4 are now useless for both mpv and some packages.
  • Bin-utils is upgraded from 2.29.1 to 2.31.1: seems to be stable. I didn't find any important issue while building packages.
  • Packages: removed libuuid-git. Refreshed some packages. I need to keep an eye on VapourSynth R44
  • Cmake is now upgraded from 3.10.2 to to 3.12.3 and is now located inside the toolchain location (/opt/MinGW32)
Some notes
  • For Gcc 8.2.0 I tested some flags for mpv. --enable-dw2-exceptions has an overhad for mpv (5% ~ 10%) while playing some videos. I understand now why Arch used --disable-dw2-exceptions. I used this flag for my previous toolchain with Gcc 7.2.0 (--disable-dw2-exceptions) and now convinced that it is pretty useful
  • For the next days, I will try to set up a new toolchain with --disable-dw2-exceptions for Gcc 8.2.0. I hope it will be ok

mercredi 3 octobre 2018

[MinGW32 Linux Distro] 100% Static build of MPV 0.29.1 for Windows 32 Bits (Download)

MPV Player 0.29.1 was released with some bug fixes. You can download my own version for Windows 32

Download from Github: mpv-0.29.1_win32_20181003-005600.7z

Information about this build

  • regarding optional packages/add-ons
    • support for OpenAL (Sound Output)
    • support for SDL2 (both Sound and Videos outputs)
    • support for Lua 5.2
    • support for javascript (Mujs)
    • support for Crossc + Shaderc
    • and so on
  • Documentation (HTML + PDF) is provided
  • Tested on a laptop with Windows 7 32 Bits (Test for video decoding for h264: hardcoding support for DXVA2)

mardi 2 octobre 2018

[MinGW32 Linux Distro] Toolchain and MPV releases moved to GitHub

Since Sunday 2018-09-30, we moved to Github Since we used reStructuredText to manage our documentation, using Github we avoid to generate the output in HTML format