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mercredi 24 février 2021

Get the latest PPAS/EPAS 9.6 Binaries

wget http://techer.pascal.free.fr/download/EDB_9.6.sh
chmod +x EDB_9.6.sh

jeudi 21 mai 2020

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 - Certifications

There are

  1. EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 Associate Certification
  2. EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 Professional Certification

samedi 16 mai 2020

a DBA is back to school - EDB Postgres Advanced Server DBA Essentials v9.6

I've just started the training course provided by EnterpriseDB, "EDB Postgres Advanced Server DBA Essentials v9.6"...It is pretty amazing. It is packaged inside the subscription Free Postgres Training eSubscription on EnterpriseDB web site

I have a DBA experience 17yo and I am practicing PostgreSQL almost every day.. It is the occasion to get back to school .

Once you get in, then you need to install Flash player technology so you can watch all modules. I am taking my time while listening and reading page from video. It reminds me when I started PostgreSQL in 2003 -- we were with PostgreSQL 7.2 and there was no documentation like this --

vendredi 8 mai 2020

[EnterpriseDB] Video de presentation de EDB Postgres en francais

C'est en glanant sur Youtube que je suis tombe sur cette video qui presente EDB Postgres en francais. Pourtant a la lecture de son titre, on ne s'y attend absolument pas. Du coup je le poste sur mon blog, histoire de me rappeler qu'une video en francais existe -- generalement toutes les videos sont en anglais --