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jeudi 25 mai 2017

Winetricks options

Sometimes you can use winecfg to enable an option (example: Virtual Deskop). FYI you can do the same using winetricks. It helps to automate some commands when you wan to launch any application sometimes. This way you avoid to waste a few seconds of your life :P

As an example, if you want to set up a Virtual Desktop with resolution=1400x900 then you -- usually -- do it through winecfg. You can do the same using

winetricks vd=1400x900
You can get a completel list of options using the following command.
winetricks settings list
To get the same output returned by the above command but for a HTML output we can awk. Just copy/paste the following commands to your own terminal
winetricks settings list > /tmp/winetricks.list;

cat << _EOF_ > /tmp/print_w.sh
< table border="1">
$(awk -F ' ' '{printf("< tr>< td>%s< /td>< td>",$1);for(i=2;i<=NF;i++){printf("%s ",$i);} printf("< /td>\n");}' /tmp/winetricks.list )
< /table>

sed -i "s:< :<:g" /tmp/print_w.sh;
cat  /tmp/print_w.sh
For the record here is the final output
alldlls=builtinOverride most common DLLs to builtin
alldlls=defaultRemove all DLL overrides
ao=disabledDisable AlwaysOffscreen (default)
ao=enabledEnable AlwaysOffscreen
badFake verb that always returns false
cfc=disableDisable CheckFloatConstants (default)
cfc=enabledEnable CheckFloatConstants
csmt=offDisable Command Stream Multithreading (default)
csmt=onEnable Command Stream Multithreading
ddr=gdiSet DirectDrawRenderer to gdi
ddr=openglSet DirectDrawRenderer to opengl
fontfixCheck for broken fonts
fontsmooth=bgrEnable subpixel font smoothing for BGR LCDs
fontsmooth=disableDisable font smoothing
fontsmooth=grayEnable subpixel font smoothing
fontsmooth=rgbEnable subpixel font smoothing for RGB LCDs
forcemonoForce using Mono instead of .NET (for debugging)
glsl=disabledDisable GLSL shaders, use ARB shaders (faster, but sometimes breaks)
glsl=enabledEnable GLSL shaders (default)
goodFake verb that always returns true
grabfullscreen=nDisable cursor clipping for full-screen windows (default)
grabfullscreen=yForce cursor clipping for full-screen windows (needed by some games)
gsm=0Set MaxShaderModelGS to 0
gsm=1Set MaxShaderModelGS to 1
gsm=2Set MaxShaderModelGS to 2
gsm=3Set MaxShaderModelGS to 3
heapcheckEnable heap checking with GlobalFlag
hidewineexports=disableDisable hiding Wine exports from applications (wine-staging)
hidewineexports=enableEnable hiding Wine exports from applications (wine-staging)
hostsAdd empty C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\{hosts,services} files
macdriver=macEnable the Mac native Quartz driver (default)
macdriver=x11Disable the Mac native Quartz driver, use X11 instead
multisampling=disabledDisable Direct3D multisampling
multisampling=enabledEnable Direct3D multisampling
mwo=disableSet DirectInput MouseWarpOverride to disable
mwo=enabledSet DirectInput MouseWarpOverride to enabled (default)
mwo=forceSet DirectInput MouseWarpOverride to force (needed by some games)
native_mdacOverride odbc32, odbccp32 and oledb32
native_oleaut32Override oleaut32
nocrashdialogDisable crash dialog
npm=repackSet NonPower2Mode to repack
nt40Set windows version to Windows NT 4.0
orm=backbufferSet OffscreenRenderingMode=backbuffer
orm=fboSet OffscreenRenderingMode=fbo (default)
psm=0Set MaxShaderModelPS to 0
psm=1Set MaxShaderModelPS to 1
psm=2Set MaxShaderModelPS to 2
psm=3Set MaxShaderModelPS to 3
remove_monoRemove builtin wine-mono
rtlm=autoSet RenderTargetLockMode to auto (default)
rtlm=disabledSet RenderTargetLockMode to disabled
rtlm=readdrawSet RenderTargetLockMode to readdraw
rtlm=readtexSet RenderTargetLockMode to readtex
rtlm=texdrawSet RenderTargetLockMode to texdraw
rtlm=textexSet RenderTargetLockMode to textex
sandboxSandbox the wineprefix - remove links to /home/david
sound=alsaSet sound driver to ALSA
sound=coreaudioSet sound driver to Mac CoreAudio
sound=disabledSet sound driver to disabled
sound=ossSet sound driver to OSS
sound=pulseSet sound driver to PulseAudio
strictdrawordering=disabledDisable StrictDrawOrdering (default)
strictdrawordering=enabledEnable StrictDrawOrdering
vd=1024x768Enable virtual desktop, set size to 1024x768
vd=1280x1024Enable virtual desktop, set size to 1280x1024
vd=1440x900Enable virtual desktop, set size to 1440x900
vd=640x480Enable virtual desktop, set size to 640x480
vd=800x600Enable virtual desktop, set size to 800x600
vd=offDisable virtual desktop
videomemorysize=1024Tell Wine your video card has 1024MB RAM
videomemorysize=2048Tell Wine your video card has 2048MB RAM
videomemorysize=512Tell Wine your video card has 512MB RAM
videomemorysize=defaultLet Wine detect amount of video card memory
vistaSet Windows version to Windows Vista
vsm=0Set MaxShaderModelVS to 0
vsm=1Set MaxShaderModelVS to 1
vsm=2Set MaxShaderModelVS to 2
vsm=3Set MaxShaderModelVS to 3
win10Set Windows version to Windows 10
win2kSet Windows version to Windows 2000
win2k3Set Windows version to Windows 2003
win2k8Set Windows version to Windows 2008 R2
win31Set Windows version to Windows 3.1
win7Set Windows version to Windows 7
win8Set Windows version to Windows 8
win81Set Windows version to Windows 8.1
win95Set Windows version to Windows 95
win98Set Windows version to Windows 98
windowmanagerdecorated=nPrevent the window manager from decorating windows
windowmanagerdecorated=yAllow the window manager to decorate windows (default)
windowmanagermanaged=nPrevent the window manager from controlling windows
windowmanagermanaged=yAllow the window manager to control windows (default)
winver=Set Windows version to default (win7)
winxpSet Windows version to Windows XP

mercredi 24 mai 2017

Noise reduction using ffmpeg and sox (for Youtube after recording desktop with FFmpeg)

To record my desktop using FFmpeg 2.2.6, I used the following command
ffmpeg  -f alsa -i pulse -vn -c:a libfdk_aac -profile:a aac_he_v2 -movflags +faststart -b:a 256k -y test.m4a -f x11grab -show_region 1 -video_size 1920x1080 \
-framerate 29.97 -i :0.0 -threads 2 -q 1 -bt 9000000 -b:v 20500000 -an -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset ultrafast  \
-vf "drawtext=fontfile=DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf:  fontsize=18:  fontcolor=white: box=1: boxcolor=black@0.1: x=860: y=1:  text='       \
Game\: DUNGEON AND MAID | Recorded on %{localtime\:%d-%b-%Y %T C.E.T%n}               \
Youtube\: https\://www.youtube.com/user/davidtecher%{localtime\:%n}  Wine-Staging 2.8 Gallium Nine | \
GPU = Radeon R9 290X | CPU = i5-4430 | RAM = 8GB%{localtime\:%n} Xorg = 18.4 | Mesa 17.1.0 | RadeonSI | \
Gallium Nine | LLVM 4.0 | Kernel 4.4.53': " -y test.mp4
To merge audio and video streams, I used
ffmpeg -i test.m4a  -i test.mp4  -c:v copy -c:a copy -movflags +faststart -y final.mp4

Unfortunately, due to a pretty bad audio device, there are a lot of noise in the audio file. Here we will see how to reduce noise on the audio file

For more details please refer to this nice tutorial http://www.zoharbabin.com/how-to-do-noise-reduction-using-ffmpeg-and-sox/

In my case my original file is an audio file test.m4a. Using recommendations from above URL I have to do

  • Convert the original audio file to WAV format
    ffmpeg -i test.m4a  -qscale 0 tmpaud.wav 
  • Generate a sample of noise from the audio of the file. Timestamp 00h08min22s, duration = 1second. Only noise no interesting audio
    ffmpeg -i test.m4a -vn -ss 00:08:22 -t 00:00:01 noiseaud.wav
  • Generate a noise profile in sox
    sox noiseaud.wav -n noiseprof noise.prof
  • Clean the noise samples from the audio stream
    sox tmpaud.wav tmpaud-clean.wav noisered noise.prof 0.21
  • Merge the audio and video streams back together
    ffmpeg -i tmpaud-clean.wav  -i test.mp4  -qscale 0 -c:v copy -movflags +faststart -y final.mp4
  • Here is the final result

dimanche 21 mai 2017

Dungeon and Maid | Wine-Staging 2.8 | Gallium-Nine | Mesa 17.1.0

This is a erotic game, 2D Plaftorm.

  • Pretty cool game to play.
  • I really like graphics in-game.
  • Music is pretty nice.

About this game

Game CategoriesHentai Game, 2D Platform, / R*pe / Tentacle / Buxom Fantasy Action
Official Sitehttp://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE162431.html
Developerhttp://grimhelm.wordpress.com/, a blog about games developed by the main developer (seems to be a dead blog?)

Video (Youtube)



Download this file. This is an installer that I did myself using nsiswrapper

Play the game

To play the game
  • in Direct3D9
  • in fullscreen
  • Resolution = 1920x1080
and since this is a Unity game then use the following command
wine Dungeon_And_Maid.exe -force-d3d9 -screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080 -popupwindow
Parameter Comments
-force-d3d9force Direct3D 9 -- usefull for Gallium Nine
-screen-fullscreen ??1 = FullScreen, 0 = No FullScreen
-screen-width ??Screen Width
-screen-heightScreen Height
-popupwindowRuns the game borderless window -- useful in FullScreen mode --

Tips to know

Xbox controller and Antimicro

If you own a Xbox360 controller like me than I will recommand to do a new keymapping using antimicro.

Data are saved in???

This is a Unity game using PlayPrefs by default. Data are saved in registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Grimhelm\Dungeon&Maid_450p]

Data are saved in registry

mercredi 17 mai 2017

Honey Select on Linux | Wine 2.8 | Gallium Nine

Last weekend I tried this game for Linux.

  • Gallium Nine is optional for this game. If you own a NVIDIA card then keep your NVIDIA driver as it is. It should work too.
  • It is not worth asking me to use PlayOnLinux (POL) to install this game. I don't use POL (old school bro!). Only winetricks is used here.

1. Video (youtube)

Honey Select on Linux | Wine 2.8 | Gallium Nine

2. Prerequisites + Installation (Tips to know)

3.0 Download game and EMF patch

While doing a few searches to download this game, listed below are the links I found to download both this game and its EMF patches

2.1 Prerequisites: Set up a new WINEPREFIX (recommended)

As usual set up a new WINEPREFIX
export WINEPREFIX=/some/path/where/to/install/the/game
Then run winecfg to fill/initiate your new WINEPREFIX
In my case WINEPREFIX is set to /opt/Builds/wine/data/Honey_Select

2.2 Prerequisites: Winetricks and dotnet45

A few *exe bundled with these games require .NET 4.5. or greater
  • Check that your winetricks version -- if based on git cloned repository -- is up-to-date. Recommended version is 20170517 or greater. You can check your own winetricks version using
    winetricks --version
    If it is required then try to update it using command below
    winetricks --self-update
  • Install the prerequisites
    winetricks -q allfonts dotnet45

2.3 Install the game (manually) to C:\illusion\HoneySelect (Workaround: copy content of the 2 ISO files)

Decompress the file

unrar x HDDGAMES-HNSL-SL.rar
Navigate to the new folder
cd \[160909\]\ \[ILLUSION\]\ ハニーセレクト\ -Honey♥Select-\ +\ Additional\ Data\ +\ Swimsuit\ Set\ +\ Naked\ Apron\ Set\ +\ Oiran\ Set//

This game is split in 2 parts = 2 iso files. There is a setup.exe provided on the first ISO file ILN103_DISK1.iso. Don't launch the setup.exe!!!!

Let me explain why setup.exe does not work on Linux. The main reason is that setup.exe will ask sometime to insert the 2nd CD. It doest not work. setup.exe is bot able to detect the 2nd CD properly even if it is mounted through Linux. But there is a simple workaround to install the game without using the setup.exe.

As root mount the 2 iso files

sudo mount -o loop ILN103_DISK1.iso /opt/Storage/montage0
sudo mount -o loop ILN103_DISK2.iso  /opt/Storage/montage1

Notice: For commands above, you can replace the target paths above by your own target paths

Now copy the content of the 2 WinRoot/ folders located on the 2 iso.
cp -avf /opt/Storage/montage0/WinRoot/* $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/
chmod 777 -R $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/illusion/
cp -avf /opt/Storage/montage1/WinRoot/* $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/

Notice: For commands above, chmod 777 -R ... is recommended to avoid any permission issue to copy files from the 2nd iso file.

Notice: At this point game is now installed at => Unix = $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/illusion/HoneySelect/ => Windows = C:\illusion\HoneySelect. You can check it using winepath.For example in my case it will be the case

david@amdgaming:~$ winepath -w /opt/Builds/wine/data/Honey_Select/drive_c/illusion/HoneySelect/

3. Install EMF patches

Just run the launcher
chmod 777 -R $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/illusion/
wine "Honey Select EMF Patch 0.4.exe" 
Specify C:\illusion\HoneySelect\ as the target destination to install these pachtes as shown below

Specify 'C:\illusion\HoneySelect\'

3. Issue:Launcher does not work. Solution: Write a launcher for Linux

3.1 Launcher does not work and parameters for games

First of all I have to say than on Internet finding help to play this game on Linux/Wine is pretty limited. Secondly I discovered that since it is a Unity game can it worked with directX 9. I took decision to give it a try for Gallium Nine.

Another problem I have is that there is a launcher for this game. Unfortunately this launcher does not work. I got a crash with Wine. Digging a little bit more I discovered that this launcher aims at

  • choosing between two games to launch: classical HoneySelect_XX.exe or HoneyStudio_XX.exe where XX=32 or XX=64.
  • choosing a few graphical parameters for the game (resolution, fullscreen/window mode)...

Those graphical parameters are passed to the game in a command line. Those parameters are listed here. Since it is a Unity game then it just means that the game can be launched without using the launcher. You can lauch the game using the arguments from a command line. For example in order to play/launch HoneySelect with the following options

  • 32 Bits
  • No fullscreen
  • Resolution = 1400x900
you just need to run
wine HoneySelect_32.exe -force-d3d9 -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 1400 -screen-height 900

3.2 A Linux Launcher!

Since it is a little annoying to rewritte the same line each time, it is pretty true that a launcher can be really helpful. So I took decision to writte my own launcher -- as shown in video above --.
The linux launcher is based on gtkdialog.

You have to

  1. install gtkdialog (refer to this link to install it)
  2. download the launcher