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vendredi 11 décembre 2015

ReactOS - Music on Real Hardware (HP Compaq DC 7900 )

  • PC = HP Compaq DC 7900 Small Form Factor
  • Sound Card = AC97 3D Audio Effects, 4 channel low profile PCI Sound; This sound card is not provided with this PC.

I built my ReactoS CD used for installation. On this CD

  • I added drivers for this sound card.
  • I added network drivers for original network card for this PC

ReactoS: Music on real hardware

dimanche 18 octobre 2015

ReactOS on real hardware - HP Compaq 7900 Ultra-Slim Desktop (Test 1)

I bought this PC (HP Compaq 7900 on ebay this week). Machine was received on Saturday, 18-Sept-2015. I spent all my time this Saturday on getting ReactOS to run on this PC. Its specs are almost the same as the specs I saw on youtube for a Dell Inspiron 530s. So it should work (Or not? Or how to waste your own money? That is the question...).

The first good new was that I was able to install ReactOS. Issue was: no network. So I spent all my Saturday afternoon on finding the right driver. That was pretty a lot of works to do :(

Finally it works :). I found the right driver for network interface

In the future I plan to use this workstation on ReactOS for reading my mails (through ThunderBird...). I already have my own Linux workstation to test video games on Wine :)