Alien Quest Eve on Linux

An amazing erotish game to play

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Author: David TECHER, <>
Date: 2017-10-08
Revision: 281-035037

Table of contents


Eve - The main character

1   Tests on Linux using Wine

Game was tested using Wine-Staging 2.18 using Open Source Drivers, GPU = Radeon R9 290X.


warning Game should work on a modern Linux 64 Bits using either a NVIDIA card or an AMD card with proprietary drivers. (not tested!)

2   About this game

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Official Web Site
Developer GRIMHELM

Some screenshots of the game


Some screenshots of the game

3   Prerequisites

There are missing fonts for this game. Without these missing fonts some messages in-game will not be displayed properly

At the time of writting this document I didn't find which ones are really mandatory. Since I was not able to discriminate I will recommand to install all fonts using winetricks

winetricks -q allfonts

If you don't have winetricks but POL (Play On Linux) then install fonts through POL.

4   Download the demo

On Thursday 2017-10-5, demo v0.11 was released

In my case since WINEPREFIX is already set up , then I will do

cd ${WINEPREFIX}/drive_c/
mkdir Alien_Quest_Eve
cd Alien_Quest_Eve/
cp /path/to/ .

5   Play the game

This is a Unity game. Unity Engine version is 4.6.7f1. For this game, Direct3D 11 is used by default. However Direct3D 11 is not yet fully implemented on linux.

You can either


green If you want more detail about parameters used to launch the game then have a look at

6   Optionnal: Antimicro: Use a Xbox360 controller or any gamepad

If you own a Xbox360 controller or any gamepad then you can use a tool like Antimicro to map your keymap with your Xbox360 controller.

Antimicro is a useful tool on Linux. Whatever your Linux distribution is (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and so on) Antimicro should be available from official repositories of your Linux distribution


if you own a Xbox360 wireless controller then you can download my own configuration file for Xbox 360 wireless controller

7   Sources