Dark Souls II Steam on Linux

Author: David TECHER,
Date: 2014-08-10
Revision: 222-014100


Dark Souls II can be play on Linux using Wine 1.7

Table of contents

1   Prerequisites

1.1   Download Wine sources (already patched!)

All Wine versions I tested are listed in table below


All tarballs are already patched!

Wine version Date Download
1.7.24 2014-08-09 wine-1.7.24_Dark_Souls_II_patched.tar.bz2
1.7.23 2014-07-28 wine-1.7.23_Dark_Souls_II_patched.tar.bz2
1.7.22 2014-07-12 wine-1.7.22_Dark_Souls_II_patched.tar.bz2
1.7.20 2014-06-14 wine-1.7.20_Dark_Souls_II_patched.tar.bz2


OPTIONAL For those curious patches are available in table below

Wine version Date Download
1.7.24 2014-08-09 wine-1.7.24_Dark_Souls_II.patch
1.7.23 2014-07-28 wine-1.7.23_Dark_Souls_II.patch
1.7.22 2014-07-12 wine-1.7.22_Dark_Souls_II.patch

1.2   Build Wine 1.7.24

  1. Download Wine 1.7.24 sources (already patched): wine-1.7.24_Dark_Souls_II_patched.tar.bz2 (see first table above)

  2. Decompress the tarball

    tar xvjf wine-1.7.24_Dark_Souls_II_patched.tar.bz2
    cd wine-1.7.24_Dark_Souls_II_patched
  3. Build and install

    ./configure --prefix=/path/where/to/install/wine
    make install

1.3   Winetricks

  1. Install steam

    winetricks --no-isolate steam
  2. There are a few packages to install too

    winetricks -q devenum quartz wmp10 vcrun2010 d3dx9_36 d3dx9_43

2   Steam and Dark Souls II


You will be well-advised to choose a good resolution to play this game.

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Buy the game
  3. Play the game

3   XBOX 360 Contoller

Dark Souls II could be played using XBOX 360 controller.


3.1   Instructions


xboxdrv` is used. Without xboxdrv it is not doable to lock on/off target enemies using 'RS' button.

  • Unplug your controller

  • Unload xpad module

    sudo rmmod xpad
  • Plug your controller

  • Run the following command

    sudo xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver --detach -D --force-feedback --deadzone 10% --trigger-as-zaxis --buttonmap tl=tr,tr=tl --axismap -trigger=trigger

3.2   Known issues #1: I got a dbus error

If you got

[ERROR] XboxdrvDaemon::run(): fatal exception: failed to get unique dbus name: Connection ":1.7" is not allowed to own the service
  "org.seul.Xboxdrv" due to security policies in the configuration file

Then add

--dbus disabled

3.3   Known issues #2: I can't jump

If you can not jump then you should update your settings before


  • Plug your XBox 360 controller. Click 'Start' button

  • Navigate to the right menu. Click A as shown on image below


  • Using the Directional pad (D-pad) navigate to the line as shown on image below hightlightted in red color


  • Using the Directional pad (D-pad), switch from the default setting to 'B' as shown on image below hightlightted in red color


  • To run: 'Left stick' + 'B'

  • To jump: while running (both 'left stick' and 'B' pressed) ...when you want to jump

    • keep 'left stick' pressed / stop press 'B'
    • keep 'left stick' pressed / press 'B' quickly