SwiftShader 3.2 for ReactOS 0.4.7

SwiftShader 3.2 for ReactOS 0.4.7 with no watermark

Info:WebSite: http://www.davidgis.fr ,
Author: David TECHER, a ReactOS fan, <davidtecher@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2017-11-09
Revision: 313-034143

1   About

SwiftShader is now open-source since 2016 and available at https://github.com/google/swiftshader. Prebuilt are available at https://goo.gl/5MOcdb. Sadly those binaries don't work on ReactOS.

I don't use VirtualBox even its hardware acceleration for Direct3D9 because I am using Qemu/KVM at home and Wine to play/test some old games on Linux

I keep in mind that games I can play with SwiftShader on ReactOS are pretty limited. However to play some old games on Linux I have two options

it could be an occasion to reuse this d3d9.dll file provided by SwiftShader

That's the reason why I wrote this document.

2   Download

You can download the file SwiftShader_ReactOS_WindowsXP_3.2.10.47665.zip


Original file was about 4.4MB. It was compressed using petite compressor (http://www.un4seen.com/petite/)

3   Prerequisites: Windows 7 SP1 and Visual Studio 2013


You may require something like VirtualBox. In my case, I am using Qemu 2.7.1 with KVM.


Microsoft DirectX is required to link D3D9 with library like dxgi.lib

4   Git: Prepare the repository for ReactOS


green This step can be performed from the virtual machine above but I don't have Git tools installed on Windows 7 :P

5   Configure the project and build D3D9

5.1   Configure the Project and D3D9

  • Get back to your virtual machine

  • Go to C:\SwiftShader_ReactOS\src

  • Double-click on 'SwiftShader.sln'

  • It should take a few minutes for the project to be fully loaded by Visual Studio

  • Once the project is ready

    1. On the right, navigate to the explorer and click on the explorer (see image below)

    2. In "Properties" window, choose "Realease|Win32" (see image below)


      Options to choose for the project

  • On the right, navigate to the explorer, try to find 'D3D9.

  • Right-click on 'D3D9. In the contextual menu, choose 'Properties'

  • A new window will open. Instead of 'Visual 2013...' choose 'Visual..2013..Windows XP...' as shown on image below

  • Click on 'Apply'. Wait a few second then click on 'OK'.

Project is now configured. Time to build D3D9

5.2   Build D3D9

  • On the right, navigate to the explorer, try to find 'D3D9.

  • Right-click on 'D3D9. In the contextual menu, choose 'Build/Generate'


That should take some time to build the project. On my CPU Intel Core i5 2440 it took me 4~5 minutes to build the d3d9.dll

You will be notified by Visual Studio when project has been built.

The final file 'd3d9.dll' should be available at C:\SwiftShader_ReactOS\src\D3D9\Win32\Release

6   Bibiography